Hawker intelligent high performance business jets. The Hawker 850 XP puts the world within Your reach. You can fly non-stop from Cairo to London in total comfort, at high speed and high altitude (460 Miles/hour and 41000 feet altitude). The Hawker 850 XP holds one of the largest, most luxurious cabins in the mid-size jet classes. It comfortably carries eight passengers and features stand up cabin space and adequate baggage capacity. Touch screens are built into each seat in order to operate the lighting and entertainment systems without having to move. Satellite phones and Internet connectivity is also available. The Hawker 850 XP features innovative design, manufacturing technique and offers the best combination of cabin size, range and operating costs of all the mid-size Business Jet Aircrafts.


Beechcraft it's good to be the king Alkan Air’s Team maintains and operates one of the leading aircrafts in the private aircraft category: the Beechcraft SKA350. It is equipped with all the features and safety systems of larger commercial aircrafts in addition to unsurpassed luxury. Its powerful engines enable it to smoothly climb above 35,000 feet, maintaining a speed of 300 mph and a range of 1,500 nm. The Super King Air 350 can take you non-stop from Cairo to Istanbul in less than three hours, thus providing superior comfort, efficiency, performance, reliability and flexibility. Moreover, it comfortably carries up to 10 passengers with double club design seats, maintaining generous shoulder and head room. The cabin is soundproof, providing a total quiet environment.