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About Us

"As the world evolves rapidly, we aim to create value, give the luxury of time and embrace the human spirit willingness to fly exploring the globe with no frontiers"

Our Team

Alkan Air only recruits high caliber employees, to ensure a smooth flight to our customers and perfectly engineered jets. 

After joining our team, each pilot goes through a full Type Rating training course conducted by Flight Safety or their approved training providers which includes training in a full motion flight simulator. As well as our capaiable engineers with latest trainings in maintenance and safety.

Going forward, every pilot completes our customized 6 monthly full simulator training course. They also receive extra training in and out of winter airports, such as Innsbruck, Sion and Chambery.



Each jet is operated by two pilots – both of which are certified and type rated for the aircraft they are flying.

At Alkan Air we only allow our pilots to fly one aircraft type. This means that in an emergency situation their responses are intuitive and assured. No hesitation. No confusion. No compromise to pilots’ performance, reaction speed or safety in any way.

Regardless of pilots’ experience, whether they have been flying military jets for 20 years or sitting in the captain’s seat of an Airbus for 10 years, Alkan Air puts all pilots through the same training regime. All of them attend flight simulator at Flight Safety International every 6 month.

Not only do strict rules exist, governing the maintenance of the company’s aircrafts and who may fly them; aircraft size, airport facilities, and runway length are all factored into the safety equation.

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