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Base Maintenance

Maintenance capabilities:

* Beechcraft 200/250 and 300/350 series

* Falcon 20, 50, 50EX and 900 series

* Hawker 125 and 400 series

* Gulfstream G III, G IV Series and G450

* Bombardier CL 604 and 605 series

* G 100, G 150, G 200, Astra and Astra SP series

* Continuous corriosion control inspection

* Out of phase inspection

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Engine Maintenance

TFE 731 engine series

* All Engine Inspections

* MPI Inspection (At Approved Engine shop).

* CZI Inspection (At Approved Engine shop).

Rolls Royce engines SPEY and TAY series

* Limited to on-wing minor inspection, servicing and component removal and installation.

 GE engine CF34 series

* Limited to on-wing minor inspection, servicing and component removal and installation

PT6A engine Series

* All Engine inspections.

* Engine HSI (At Approved Engine shop).

* Engine OVH (At Approved Engine shop).

Propeller OVH (At Approved Engine shop)

GTCP36 APU series

* All APU Inspections

* APU HSI (At Approved Engine shop).

* APU OVH (At Approved Engine shop).

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Line Maintenance

* Beechcraft 200/250 and 300/350 series

* Falcon 20, 50, 50EX and 900 series

* Hawker 125 and 400 series

* Gulfstream G III, G IV series and G450

* Bombardier CL 604 and 605 series

* G 100, G 150, G 200, Astra and Astra SP series

* Line maintenance station at any desired location

* Line replaceable units LRU

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Spare Parts

* Spare parts and components supply for:






* Rockwell Collins and Garmin Authorised Dealer

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Maintenance Management

Aircraft Maintenance Management and Continuing Airworthiness Management to ensure serviceability and smooth operation of your aircraft at all times. It promotes safety through meticulous management of all aspects of airworthiness. 

We provide:

* Scheduled Maintenance Monitoring

* Scheduled Maintenance Planning for Both Line and Base

* Airworthiness Directives Review, Monitoring and Implementation

* Service Bulletins Review, Monitoring and Implementation

* Out-of-Phase Scheduled Maintenance Monitoring and Control

* Deferred Defect Monitoring and Control

* Maintenance Program Compilation and Amendments

* Minimum Equipment List ''MEL'' Compilation and Amendments

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24/7 AOG Support Team

Ramp Services

* Aircraft Towing

* Marshaling

* Baggage Handling

* Aircraft interior / exterior cleaning

* Toilet Servicing

* Water Servicing

* Air Starter

* Ground Power Unit

* Oxygen/ Nitrogen Services

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Battery Shop

Offering NiCd, Lead Acid, ULB and emergency batteries Service utilize the most current technology and OEM parts to provide deep cycles‚ top charges, regular checks‚ repairs and overhaul.

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Other Services

* Non-destructive test to all parts of the airframe.

* Comply with airworthiness directives.

* Comply with service bulletins.

* CVR read out.

* FDR read out.

* ATC transponder test.

* Pitot and Static system leak test.

* Pressurization leak test.

* Air data system and altitude reporting equipment test.

* Weight and balance check.

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Wheel & Tire Shop

For limited airframe ratings.

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