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Hawker 850 XP

The Hawker 850 XP holds one of the largest, most luxurious cabins in the mid-size jet classes. It comfortably carries eight passengers and features stand up cabin space and adequate baggage capacity.

Touch screens are built into each seat in order to operate the lighting and entertainment systems without having to move.

The Hawker 850 XP features innovative design, manufacturing technique and offers the best combination of cabin size, range and operating costs of all the mid-size Business Jet Aircrafts.

Aircraft Specifications

Crew: 3
Passengers: 8

Cabin Height: 5 ft 9
In Cabin Width: 6 ft
Cabin Length: 21 ft 4
In Door Height: 4 ft 3
In Door Width: 2 ft 3
In Internal Baggage: 50 cu ft

Max Range: 2710 nm
Service Ceiling: 41000 ft

YOM: 2007
Refurbished: 2020

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